Three permanent water quality monitoring stations are used to track water quality and are managed by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) through grant funding from the Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB).

Due to increased discharge from wastewater treatment plants, Plum Creek now flows year-round over most of its length. USGS gages at U.S. Highway 183 near Lockhart and at Caldwell County Road 131/Biggs Road near Luling monitor Plum Creek streamflows.

GBRA’s Water Quality Sampling & Data

Currently, routine ambient water quality data is collected monthly at 2 main stem stations by GBRA (#17406 and #12640) and quarterly at a third main stem station by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The monitoring project, funded by US Environmental Protection Agency, through a grant from the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB), will generate data of known and acceptable quality for surface water quality monitoring of main stem and tributary stations on Segment 1810, Plum Creek, for field, conventional, flow, bacteria and effluent parameters to support the development of a Watershed Protection Plan for the watershed. Monitoring includes:

  • Routine ambient monitoring at 5 sites monthly, and one site quarterly over 15 months.
  • Targeted monitoring at 35 sites twice per season, once under dry weather conditions and once under wet weather conditions each season, for four seasons.
  • Automated stormflow monitoring at on urban/residential site during a minimum of four storm events.
  • 24-hour dissolved oxygen monitoring at 8 sites monthly during the index period.
  • Effluent monitoring of six wastewater treatment facilities, City of Lockhart plants(2), City of Luling, City of Buda, City of Kyle and Shadow Creek.
  • Springflow monitoring at three springs.

Plum Creek Watershed and GBRA Water Quality Monitoring Sites
(Updated October 2023)

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Map of Sampling Sites

Using the map below, click on a station to get information on the location and a link to the current data collected at the site.

Watershed Map

List of Sampling Sites

Using the list below, click on a link in the Data column to get the current data collected at the site.

Site No.Site NameLatitudeLongitudeSample TypeData to August 2020Data from September 2020
12538Andrews Branch at CR 13130.03-97.827targetedExcelExcel
12555Salt Branch at FM 132229.676-97.625targetedExcelExcel
12556Clear Fork Plum Creek at Salt Flat Rd. (CR 128)29.76-97.602routine/diurnalExcelExcel
12557Town Branch at E. Market St. (upstream of Lockhart WWTP #1)29.885-97.665targetedExcelExcel
12558Elm Creek at CR 23329.96-97.798routine/diurnalExcelExcel
12559Porter Creek at Dairy Road29.974-97.812targetedExcelExcel
12640Plum Creek at CR 13529.657-97.602routine/diurnalExcelExcel
12642Plum Creek at Biggs Road (CR131)29.7-97.604targetedExcelExcel
12643Plum Creek at FM 132229.753-97.593targetedExcelExcel
12645Plum Creek at Youngs Lane (CR 197)29.822-97.584targetedExcelExcel
12647Plum Creek at Old McMahan Rd (CR202)29.865-97.615routine/diurnalExcelExcel
12648Plum Creek at Old Kelly Road (CR 186)29.882-97.63targetedExcelExcel
12649Plum Creek at CR 23329.938-97.725targetedExcelExcel
14945Clear Fork Plum Creek at Old Luling Rd (CR 213)29.826-97.668targetedExcelExcel
16709Town Branch west of Lockhart29.826-97.668retiredExcel
17406Plum Creek at Plum Creek Road29.96-97.798routine/diurnalExcelExcel
18343Plum Creek upstream of US 18329.923-97.679targetedExcelExcel
20479Unnamed Tributary at FM 150 near Hawthorn Dr.30.003-97.887stormwaterExcelExcel
20480Plum Creek downstream of NRCS 1 spillway30.019-97.879targetedExcelExcel
20481Bunton Branch at Heidenreich Lane29.971-97.819targetedExcelExcel
20482Brushy Creek at FM 2001 (dwnstrm of NRCS 12)30.033-97.771targetedExcelExcel
20483Elm Creek at SH 21 (downstream of NRCS 16)29.998-97.743retiredExcel
20484Plum Creek at Heidenreich Lane (downstream of Kyle WWTP)29.963-97.831targetedExcelExcel
2048611041-002 City of Kyle and Aquasource WWTP29.97-97.832ww effluentExcelExcel
20487Brushy Creek at SH 2129.978-97.766targetedExcelExcel
20488Brushy Creek at Rocky Road (Upstream of NRCS 14)29.961-97.748routine/diurnalExcelExcel
20489Cowpen Creek at Schuelke Road29.981-97.712targetedExcelExcel
20490Clear Fork Plum Creek at Farmers Road29.921-97.794targetedExcelExcel
20491Dry Creek at FM 67229.904-97.64routine/diurnalExcelExcel
2049210210-001 City of Lockhart WWTP #129.884-97.663ww effluentExcelExcel
20493Clear Fork Plum Creek at PR 10 (State Park)29.853-97.697targetedExcelExcel
2049410210-002 City of Lockhart WWTP #229.872-97.622ww effluentExcelExcel
20495Dry Creek at FM 71329.858-97.58targetedExcelExcel
20496Tenney Creek at Tenney Creek Road29.796-97.562targetedExcelExcel
20497West Fork Plum Creek at FM 67129.782-97.681targetedExcelExcel
20498Copperas Creek at Tenney Creek Road (downstream of Cal-Maine)29.751-97.557targetedExcelExcel
2049910582-002 City of Luling WWTP29.685-97.627ww effluentExcelExcel
20500West Fork Plum Creek at Biggs Road (CR131)29.7-97.612routine/diurnalExcelExcel
20501Salt Branch at Salt Flat Road (Upstrm of Luling WWTP)29.687-97.64targetedExcelExcel
20502Bunton Branch at Dacy Lane (upstream of NRCS 5)30.009-97.847targetedExcelExcel
20503Plum Creek at Lehman Road29.991-97.858targetedExcelExcel
20504Porter Creek at Quail Cove Road30.024-97.822retiredExcel
20505Richmond Branch at Dacy Lane30.024-97.831targetedExcelExcel
20507Clear Fork Springs at Borchert Loop (CR 108)29.869-97.731springExcelExcel
20508Boggy Creek Springs at Boggy Creek Road (CR 218)29.865-97.713springExcelExcel
20509Lockhart Springs29.887-97.668springExcelExcel
20510Hines Branch at Tenney Creek (CR 141, downstream of Cal-Maine)29.767-97.557retiredExcel
9992311060-001 City of Buda and GBRA WWTP30.057-97.836ww effluentExcelExcel
9993614431-001 GBRA Shadow Creek WWTP30.043-97.811ww effluentExcelExcel
9993714377-001 GBRA Sunfield WWTP  ww effluentExcelExcel