Best Management Practices

BMPs for Landowners
Some examples of agricultural BMPs include safe management of animal waste, controlling pests and nutrients, contour farming, crop rotation, and vegetative buffers near streams.

BMPs for Urban Environments
Urban BMPs can be implemented to help reduce pollution in our local water bodies.



Don’t Be Clueless About Plum Creek When it comes to pollution, what comes around goes around (and around and around) the watershed. Your actions can leave footprints… footprints that can affect others downstream. Learn to say “No” to common practices that contribute to pollution in the Plum Creek Watershed of the Guadalupe River Basin — together, we can preserve it as one of the most unique in Texas

Explore a Wastewater Treatment Plant An informational wastewater treatment module that shows the procedures of wastewater treatment and explains why it is important to properly manage wastewater at all steps in the process, from your home all the way to the stream where the treatment facility discharges.

Image of wastewater treatment module

Explore the Do’s and Don’t’s of Septic Systems | Cómo funciona un sistema séptico An online training program to illustrate proper septic system function and maintenance to ensure efficiency and to extend the life of the system. In addition to this online program, you can also watch a recording from one of our septic system workshops for homeowners here.

Image of septic online program

Explore the Sources of Fats, Oils and Greases An online training program to address management practices for handling fats, oils, grease, and household chemical use and disposal. The training is geared toward both businesses and homeowners.

Image of FOG training module

Wild Pigs Negatively Impact Water Quality: Implications for Land and Watershed Management A short, interactive online course provided by Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute provides an overview of some of the impacts wild pigs have on water quality based on their behavior, biology, and preferred habitat.

Image of Wild Pig short course